Life Lately

Life Lately

Life has certainly been exciting these last few weeks, from accepting a new position as editor at Frisco STYLE Magazine, to other *possible* house reno stuff, as well as booking a little getaway, continuing homeschool (we’re starting week 8 today!), watching butterflies hatch…and so much more!

I shared how Target was having a sale on their Paw Patrol toys so I went ahead and bought the new Paw Patrol dinosaur toy for my Paw Patrol enthusiasts November birthday. Y’all…this is the box it came in! It came two weeks ago and I haven’t opened it yet. I loathe big toys. I knew it would be kind of big…but this box…ugh. Haha! Anyway, my little one will absolutely LOVE it and I am looking forward to his excitement when he opens it…but…yeah…it’s big.

Speaking of our Paw Patrol enthusiast, he was working hard this week tracing his letters and doing a great job! He loves to do schoolwork alongside his Bubbie!

And our other son turned into an eagle, haha! He is so creative and makes ALL sorts of things out of paper (and if anyone EVER wants to send us a truckload of tape and printer paper, I’ll send you our address ;)). This day, after watching Wild Kratts, he decided to make a creature disc and turned himself into a Bald Eagle. He’s so creative!

Lake life!

We went on the lake last weekend and the water was so calm and pretty! We anchored down by this little cliff spot and the boys loved swimming back and forth to land and back to the boat. We grilled hotdogs and enjoyed the day!

Our butterflies finally emerged last week! My boys were so exited and kept watching ALL day to witness them come out of their chrysalis. Two emerged without us watching, one we caught the end of it, and the last one we were able to see it completely from beginning to end and it was the COOLEST! We will definitely do this again!

And it just so happened that the same day we were instructed to read a poem from one of the books in our curriculum about butterflies!

And we celebrated my hubby’s birthday!! If you didn’t catch my love story post, you can read it here, but we celebrated the way I know best…with food! I love cooking and baking and so he got to choose what he wanted for breakfast…and he picked French toast! So had to make it special and put it on our red plate, plus a bit of dusting of powder sugar. Then I bought a special Tres Leches cake and they boys enjoyed that after dinner!

For school, Troy had to make a 3D replica of the Sonoran dessert, and here was his work! He made animals on the red construction paper, a green cactus held up with a toilet paper roll, and used quinoa for the dirt. So clever!

And to end this week, he also made a bird feeder from a kit from Hobby Lobby! Love it! He also painted it and it is now hanging outside our window, filled with bird seed.

Well that’s it for a little recap of life lately! What have you all been up to?

Also, how can I pray for you this week/month? Please feel free to message me or comment below and I will pray for you!

I’ll see you all back here Wednesday! Have a blessed start of your week!