Let’s Look: At Our Coffee Bar!

Let’s Look: At Our Coffee Bar!

It’s the first LET’S LOOK of 2021…and my first LET’S LOOK EVER!! I am excited for this little link-up party!

Once a month, Shay and Erika host a little link-up where they “look” at different aspects of their lives and then other bloggers do it, too, and link to to the party! SO here I am! I am excited for this first one as it is something that I am very serious about…


All joking aside … I am very serious about my coffee. I have researched the brands that are the cleanest, organic, toxin-, pesticide- and mold-free, etc., and I add-in things to make it even better!

Ain’t that the truth, mommas?! Something about brewing a cup of coffee and drinking it in the silence, dim-light, reading a book before the kids wake up … it is GLORIOUS!!

My husband and I use two different methods when brewing coffee, though he will use mine occasionally, too. I use the AeroPress, which is my favorite way! We actually have TWO AeroPress coffee maker’s – which is nice because he doesn’t have to wait for my coffee and vice-versa.

I use one rounded scoop of my coffee of choice, either Bulletproof coffee or Clean coffee. I add boiling water, stir, add the filter to the lid and put the “lid” on and flip it over my coffee mug. I let it sit for about 2-5 minutes, then press and that’s it! Now I add the goodies!!

To my coffee, I add one scoop of Truvani’s marine collagen, about a tablespoon of coconut oil plus a good splash of organic coconut milk. Then I use my handy dandy frother and blend it up!

Now, that first cup of coffee is like a “good morning” cup – warm and welcoming me to another day…it’s the second cup that is my “let’s get down to business” cup. For my second cup, I add yet another scoop of collagen and a splash of coconut milk, but no coconut oil.

Because we don’t like a lot of things on the counter, our AeroPress stays in the pantry, along with all of our coffees, filters, non-refrigerated creamers, collagen, etc. We do keep the traditional coffee maker next to the refrigerator – my hubby uses our Ninja programmable coffee maker usually every weekday morning and brews his own cup of coffee. But we don’t have a “fancy” space or anything like that 😉 Just your basic coffee maker on the counter! And I didn’t even clean it up for you or remove the sanitizer, ether. You’re welcome…and sorry, Pintrest! 😉

Well that is it for January’s Let’s Look! How do you take your coffee? What is your favorite coffee brand?

Here’s what is coming up the rest of the year:

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Have a wonderful, caffeinated day my friends!

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And the number one post, determined by YOUR website visits is…

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This was definitely one of my favorite posts and I am so glad that you all celebrated my big news with me!

THANK YOU for subscribing, reading, sharing and loving my little blog. I welcome 2021 with open arms and I pray that you all have a safe and fun evening and a prosperous, healthy new year!

God Bless!