I’ve Got Some News!

I’ve Got Some News!

I have some exciting news to share!

Before I share, let’s back up a bit…

As I mentioned when I launched the blog, this was something that I had started crafting and working on a couple years ago. I had some posts saved and things written, but never took the plunge and launched the site. Clark was still waking up in the night and I was really struggling with extreme exhaustion and health issues and it just didnt feel like the right time.

Fast froward to earlier this year when I reached out to a few magazines and wrote my first article for a local magazine. I felt God nudging me to launch my blog to showcase my published articles and to share my other writings so publishers can get a feel for my writing style, so I did and it felt right. This was the time. Thus Lifestyle with Lauren was born!

I continued to write for local magazines and had more article assignments sent my way. Recently I decided to write up my own un-assigned article and submit it to the magazines that I write for, plus a few others. Frisco STYLE Magazine’s publisher responded and told me that he wanted to use it in their magazine and continued to tell me that he went to my blog, read over my bio and liked my writing style. He then asked if I would be interested in their open editor position and if I could come in a chat with him.

>> ONLY GOD! <<

Only God could have made all of this happen!

I have been praying and praying for a job that I would not only LOVE but be able to have flexibility and continue to homeschool.

AND GOD in His amazing GLORY answered my prayers so much greater than I could had ever imagined!

So I am delighted and thrilled to announce that I am now an official member of the amazing Frisco STYLE Magazine as editor!

I am so excited for this new chapter and praying that God will give me wisdom for this new role and above all, I am so thankful that He has opened this door and provided such an amazing opportunity.

Thank you Chris and the rest of the Frisco STYLE Magazine! I am humbled beyond belief and excited to be apart of the family!

I give thanks to you, O Lord my God, with my whole heart, and I will glorify your name forever.

– Psalm 86:12 ESV