Hey There!

Hello friends! It has been a moment!

My last blog post was about three months ago, and I have enjoyed stepping away and refocusing my mind and my heart. But I do have to say . . . I miss this community! I miss writing. But I don’t miss Instagram – at least not yet anyway 😉 I think Instagram, from a blogging perspective, was the most intimidating for me. I felt this pressure to write the right thing, to use the right hashtags, to find the right picture, to post enough . . . it was overwhelming and left me feeling tired and inadequate and frustrated.

So I am back to writing but on my own terms – after all, it is my blog 😉 I know the downfall of blogging and not sharing it on social, but I am ok with that. I like to write, and I love that I have this community of dedicated readers who will hang around with or without social media. So thank you! Thank you for hanging with me through the many changes of life and through all of my feelings and emotions, sharing blog posts and taking sabaticals. I really appreciate you more than you know.

I will continue to post Christian-focused posts as well as all the other lifestyle things, like homeschool updates and a few other things here and there. But I want to hear from you – what are YOU interested in reading? Share below and I will add it to the list!

Again, thank you for hanging with me through all of the ups and downs and life changes!


What do you want to read? Share below!

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