Colorado Diaries – 2021 {Part Four}

It’s the last installment of my Corado Diaries! If you missed it, you can read Part One, Two, and Three of our travels. Today I am sharing our hiking in Frisco, CO + some awesome off-roading adventures!

Wednesday, September 29, 2021


Today was a rainy, cold day so we opted to get a later start to the day and then we headed to Officer’s Gulch to fish. The views were amazing here! The still, clear water to the snow-capped mountains and the falling yellow leaves…it was just so serene.

We stayed for about an hour before the rain started down on us again. By that time, we were all getting hungry for lunch, so we headed to downtown Frisco and grabbed a bit from 5th Avenue Grill. Of course I had to get a coffee at Rocky Mountain Coffee Roasters but was SO disappointed with their coffee! It tasted burnt and was just undrinkable…I gave mine to Stephen and he couldn’t drink it! So, we headed to a cute little bookshop called Next Page to read some books and peruse and I got a chai tea there instead. The lady who worked there was so helpful and even tried to make it a latte with oat milk and a little bit of honey – it was perfect! This bookshop reminded me so much of You’ve Got Mail. If we ever come back to Frisco, CO, I am stopping here for a little book therapy again!

As we drove back home, we stopped and hiked half of the Meadow Loop and Ridge Trail on the Dillion Reservoir. We saw the beautiful snow-capped mountains and the water. It was a perfect little hike to end our day – and we even got a little sleet as we were walking back to the car! Winter is coming!

Thursday, September 30, 2021


Boy was today crazy! We rented a Jeep and went off-roading! All that was available was a two-door Jeep Wrangler with no back windows (sorry, boys!) but they really didn’t seem to mind! We bundled the boys up and they just had so much fun riding in the Jeep. 

We drove to Montezuma and did two off-road courses: Peru Creek and St. John’s Trail that hooks to Deer Creek and Glacier Mountain. ‘All Trails’ lists part of this drive as moderate and the other as difficult. Let’s just say it was intense. Peru Creek was bumpy, but Deer Creek trail was VERY intense and got a little sketchy a few times. We stopped at a small clearing and walked around a bit, then turned the rig around and went back down – it was a bit more than we bargained for. All in all, the off-roading adventure was just that: an adventure that we won’t forget! 

We dropped the Jeep back off at the rental place and loaded back into the comforts of the minivan and drove to Breck to meet up with our cousins that were in town for a bachelorette party! We grabbed coffee at The Crown (yes, again…I think this was my favorite coffee shop), chatted for a bit, then headed home to get the boys in bed and pack up. 

Colorado was so much fun! From all the hiking, off-roading, fishing, spotting wildlife (bear, fox, snake, moose, chipmunk, woodpecker and so much more!), to Clark falling in the river, getting a hook out of a boy’s face, trying new coffee places … it was just a wonderful vacation that was so needed! The yellow trees will forever be embedded in my brain and heart <3 

In case you missed it . . . read about Part One, Two and Three of our Colorado adventures!

Have a glorious weekend, friends! I’ll be celebrating my birthday with my boys tomorrow (woohoo!).

See you back here Tuesday for a very special podcast episode with Liz Bornstein, owner of Fridgefull Thinking.

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