Colorado Diaries – 2021 {Part Three}

Monday, September 27, 2021


The sunrise was beautiful again today! Clear skies and the sun just peeking over the mountains while I sipped my coffee in silence. Always makes for a great start to the day!

Originally, we didn’t want to hike today but the weather is forecasting rain tomorrow and Wednesday, so we opted for a much shorter and easier hike on the B&B Mile Trail in Breckenridge. It was stunning! I don’t think I will ever get enough of the fall colors – the yellow was just so bright and breathtaking. I’m certain I have over a thousand pictures of yellow trees on my phone 😉 

After our hike we went back to town and grabbed lunch from Kenosha Breck then walked around town a bit. We stopped at The Crown to grab a coffee and I got the chai latte with oat milk – y’all – this was the best chai I have ever had!! We will be back before we leave! We took the kids to Fuzziwig’s Candy Factory and they each got to pick a few candies. After perusing stores for a bit, we headed back to our VRBO for dinner. While we waited for Stephen to go to the grocery store, we played in the falling leaves in the yard <3

As Stephen headed to the grocery store, he noticed there was a fire on the mountain and sure enough – the Ptarmigan Fire burned over 80 acres and many of the homeowners had to evacuate. We could see the smoke from our house, and it just broke my heart to think about all the trees and wildlife that were affected by the fire – not to mention all the homeowners who were probably very nervous that the fire was going to get to their homes, but thankfully it didn’t. We all watched as a helicopter loaded up with water from the Dillion Reservoir and dumped it on the mountainside. Sadly, the fire did not extinguish and kept burning for many days after. 

Tuesday, September 28, 2021


Back to Vail today!

The smoke from the fire + all the dust just caused some serious allergies so instead of hiking today – much to our kid’s dismay – we headed back to Vail to shop and eat. The boys played on the pirate ship, then we got lunch at Big Bear Bistro, grabbed coffee at Two Arrows Coffee & Bar (I got their maple cinnamon latte with honey instead of maple syrup and oat milk and it was divine!) and then headed back to the pirate ship for a little bit more playtime for the boys.

We left and headed to the gardens where we were able to walk around for a short while until the rain started down on us. As we were driving back, we noticed a bit of “dust” being washed on the highway – but it was white and us Texans didn’t know what it was. It didn’t seem like it could be snow…but as we drove a bit further, we saw snow accumulating on the side of the road – it was snowing! The mountaintops had already gathered a bit of snow and it was so magical! To see the change before our eyes in just one day was so surreal and beautiful! From dry and dusty to snowcapped – it was just so pretty!

Only one part left to share! Tune in next week for Part Four and the finale of our Colorado vacation!

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Hope you all have a blessed weekend!

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