Podcast Returns Next Week!

Happy Tuesday evening friends!

It is a late post and sadly, no podcast aired today. We enjoyed the long weekend and just relaxed, worshiped, and had a lazy day on the lake. I hope you all have a wonderful Labor Day weekend as well!

I did bring my favorite sparkling water on the boat with me…Mad Tasty AND they have a new flavor!!

The Yuzu Citrus flavor is so delicious and refreshing!

I love Mad Tasty because it tastes GREAT, but it also has 20 mg broad-spectrum hemp extract, zero sugar, under 15 calories per can, it is gluten-free and vegan!

You can try Mad Tasty’s newest flavor, Yuzu Citrus, or try any of their other yummy sparkling waters (like the Unicorn Tears!). Click here and use code LAURENG10 for 10% off your purchase!

New podcast episodes will be back next week and I know you are going to love to hear from my next guest…Jamie Kelley.

You will be able to listen to this episode (and all the others!) on your favorite podcast platform (Anchor, Spotify, Apple, etc). You can also watch our conversation on YouTube!

As a reminder, so far this season I have chatted with Adriana Lewin (LPC and warrior mom), Kortnee VanCleave (my very talented hairstylist), Dusti Famer (cancer warrior and brain tumor survivor), Sarah Bowlin (mom traveling the Great Loop with her husband and kids), Maddie Bowen (who shares her adoption and foster care story), Emily Honea (teaches us valuable information about the stages of grief), and SO MANY MORE AMAZING GUESTS!!

If you love the Go & Tell Podcast, please follow on Instagram @lifestylewithlaurenblog. If you have reader questions, please email me at lauren@lifestylewithlauren.com and I love reading your reviews!  Please listen, love, and give the podcast a rating!

Thank you friends for all of your love and support!

I will see you here back next week with my conversation with Jamie Kelley!

Go & Tell Podcast with Lauren Greci: Episode 23 with Liz Bornstein

My guest for the Go & Tell Podcast with Lauren Greci: Episode 23 is Liz Bornstein. Liz is the owner of Fridgefull Thinking, a personal chef service in the North Texas area. She helps so many people and families by creating and crafting delicious meals for families, accommodating all sorts of health issues, allergies and restrictions.
Liz shares why she started Fridgefull Thinking, as well as her own battle with health issues, trauma, and her healing journey. Much like myself, Liz is an enneagram two and an empath and we bonded over many similarities! Her story is encouraging, insightful, and I learned so much!

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