Go & Tell Podcast with Lauren Greci: Episode 14 with Johnna Hensley – Part One

My guest for the Go & Tell Podcast with Lauren Greci Episode #14 is Johnna Hensley. Johnna is a mom to six, wife, D-Group leader, yogi and full of wisdom, experience and insights. Her faith has carried her through many obstacles and her faithfulness is just beautiful.

As she shares on her blog, she is a “wife to an energetic and giving man, Ryan. I was a lost sinner but I found hope and redemption in Jesus. My life is nothing as I expected it to be. It is much better than what I could have thought up on my own…I manage a special needs son and two “typically” developing sons, and an adopted biracial child while homeschooling them all in beautiful chaos we call our own.” In addition, Johnna has expanded her home and is fostering two siblings, which we talk about in Part Two of our chat.

In Part One of our two-part conversation, Johnna shares her faith walk, the birth of her son Hayden, and so much more! I know you are going to love Johnna and her sense of humor, wisdom and the joy she radiates.


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