Here. We. Go!

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I’m so excited for this new adventure!! And slightly terrified, to be completely transparent! 😉

I’m recording my very first podcast this weekend!! I can’t believe it. I’ve thought about doing this for a while but the thing holding me back was fear of the unknown. I don’t know what I am doing! I don’t know how to create a podcast. To me, this seems like a rather big obstacle…but sometimes you just have do it! Why wait?! So here I am! Not waiting, just jumping in! Thankfully I have some amazingly talented people around me who know a whole lot more about this stuff than I do!

Of course all the thoughts invade my brain, wondering if anyone would even want to listen to this! Wondering what the heck I am even thinking. Then I remembered my “why.” I know some incredible people with testimonies that should be shared, that NEED to be shared. Hopefully some of you will enjoy our conversations. Some of you will be encouraged, find yourself laughing along with us and find joy in each episode. 

My podcast with be not only audio, but also visual!

It’ll be a friend and I chatting about all the things…life, motherhood, health & beauty, Jesus and so much more! I would love it if you wanted to join us. Watch and listen while you run or do the dishes, listen while you drive around town or peruse Target! And I would love if you subscribed! Click HERE and subscribe now so you don’t miss my first episode!

My podcasts will also be posted on my blog under the ‘podcast’ tab, as well as shared on social media. I will likely have it on iTunes as well but I’ve got to play around first and see how to do that! 😉 Haha! I’m learning as I go!

I will take you along with me the entire way! I’ll share here on the blog what I am learning, what programs I am using and all the details!

I’m so excited and I hope you will join me on this new adventure!! And again, please subscribe to show your love and support!


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