What’s Up Wednesday – January 2021

Well – we are officially in February and I am still late to the game on posting my What’s Up Wednesday posts! Haha! Maybe I will just go with the flow and make my What’s Up Wednesday posts the first Wednesday of the month instead of the last since that is what I have been doing recently! 😉

Well either way – here we are and here are somethings that I am loving, what we’ve been up to, what we’re eating and watching and so much more! Happy Wednesday, friends!


This week I dove into my Danielle Walker cookbooks and Thugs Kitchen cookbook and I will be making a chicken & veggie one-sheet pan dish, burgers with sweet potato fries, sweet potato enchiladas and one night we will have tacos/taco salad. Plus a takeout night in there somewhere. Pretty easy and good 😉

But look at THIS!

I found this online and heard it is available at Costco!! Look at the sugars and carbs! We usually get Costco’s organic pure maple syrup but I want to give this a try!

We love dates and I think my boys will love this! I will let you know the verdict!!


Honestly January was kind of a blur! It all came and went rather quickly but nothing fantastic happened – just the ordinary daily things. But I am thinking back to a year ago when we went on our last (but didn’t know it would be our last) cruise and that was pretty amazing. Oh how I miss childcare. And beaches. And vacations. 😉


I am on the launch team for Angie Smith’s new book and if you liked Seamless, you will love this. If you didn’t read Seamless, read this! Her writing is my fav – she is so personable and makes things so easy to understand. When Woven officially launches, I highly suggest you grabbing a copy for yourself and your girlfriends! You can even pre-order it on Amazon!


January was pretty slow as far as things to do – just getting back into our school routine after taking a few weeks of for Christmas. We are loving our KiwiCo boxes, as you can see from this cutie bug <3 Other than that, it’s just been work, book club, homeschool, reading, cooking, repeat! 😉


I am going to be on a podcast soon so I am prepping for that and getting my thoughts in order because I tend to ramble if I don’t have a general idea of what I need or want to say (not making a script or anything…just bullet points of ideas and Bible verses). At the magazine we are working on the March ‘Education’ issue and I think it is going to be really awesome!! But I say that for each month – but I really do love what we have coming out! So many great stories and people and it will be a fun one 🙂


I am excited about chatting with my friend on her podcast…the hubs and I have been making some goals and dreams and I am excited about those…we are almost done painting the house and that is REALLY exciting!! Can’t WAIT to be done with that! And I found this gorgeous color that I think would look amazing in the master bathroom:

It’s called Benjamin Moore Water’s Edge…but we like to use Sherwin Williams so hoping I can find a close match…any suggestions???


I am working my way back through ‘Gilmore Girls’ for the umpteenth time – it is just so good! I love to have it on as background noise when I am doing chores or just sit and indulge when I can’t find anything else to watch. It’s the best! 🙂

We of course are watching ‘The Challenge’ every Wednesday night plus the new Fixer Upper shows and a few other remodel shows on Discovery+.

In addition to Woven, I am reading our February book club pick, The Light We Lost and so far so good! It has short chapters, which I love, because I always flip though and see how many pages till the next chapter and I think, “Yeah, I can do one more…” and find myself one-moring many times over.

I finished American Dirt in January and OH. MY. Goodness! This book is HIGH up on my favorite books of all time list!


Honestly not much recently. I haven’t been in the car [alone] too much to listen to a podcast and it is just impossible at home with the kids. When I want to listen to music (which isn’t that much either! There is just so much noise these days that when it is quiet enough for music – I just want silence and to hear nothing)…anyway…when I want to listen, I ask Alexa to play Hillsong. My boys love asking her to play ‘Who Let the Dogs Out’…so that’s fun. 😉

We were running a couple errands the other day and I had a hankering for some Gwen, so I found a Gwen Stefani station on Pandora and it has been so much fun! The boys loved the songs (apparently every song was Clark’s favorite – he knows whats what), but I love the variety on Pandora…it’s like a walk down memory lane!


I purchased Peloton pants and boy are they like butter! They are so comfortable, stay put and just feel amazing!! Definitely pleased with my purchase!


Not sure yet! The weekends are honestly not my favorite…I know that sounds weird! But I love the structure that the week provides…homeschool, work, blogging…I like having set things to do. SO my goal is to find some local things to do, outside, away from crowds. I am actually going to work on that list today <3 I’ll post what I find on my IG.


Next month meaning THIS month since I am a week behind posting…soooo I am excited for my hair appointment Friday because I am going to take a few inches off plus lighten it up a bit more. I have my doctor appointment, which I do love, because it means more blood work and I love to see whats going on and hopefully see progress! Plus I get an IV-therapy treatment and I always love those!

We are looking at a few VRBOs to take a little family getaway (like Arkansas, Tennessee (yes, again!), Alabama, possibly Florida) but we are looking forward to a vacation somewhere! Hopefully we will find something and book it this month.


February Frisco STYLE Magazine dropped and it is so cute and lovely and sprinkled with little love stories for Valentines Day <3 It is just the sweetest!

We are discussing ways to transform our laundry room and trying to figure out a few storage options for that space…just the ordinary adulting stuff happening! Haha!

Well that was a look back at January!

How was your January?!

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