10 Reasons Why I Love My Peloton

If you didn’t catch my blog post about my favorite Peloton classes, check that out here.

I got my Peloton as an early birthday present and gift to myself back in October 2020. Since then I have done over 70 rides, some boot camps, meditations, Pilates classes, yoga sessions, stretches and weightlifting classes.

I LOVE MY PELOTON and the app is SO WORTH every penny!!

Here’s why I love my Peloton:

  1. I can view the playlist and class before I take it. This is huge! I always scroll through a ride and see if I like the songs and that is how I pick my classes … based on what I hear during my scroll and stop preview. If you ride based on music, this is the way to go! Just looking at the title of the songs isn’t enough – I need to scroll and hear for a moment and see how the ride will progress and I love that I can do that.
  2. Variety. I love that there are a variety of classes! I can take a low-impact ride, dance ride, cool-down ride and more … PLUS all of the other workout options, like yoga, weightlifting, Pilates, running and walking courses, etc.
  3. Progress tracking. I enjoy seeing my progress and badges when I complete a ride. I can see if I got max output, if I earned a badge for output or group rides, weekly and daily streaks – all of it pushes me and keeps me motivated.
  4. Competition factor! If you don’t like competition and it makes you more anxious than motivated, you can hide the side screen and never know where you stand on the leader board. However, if you like competition and being challenged, SHOW THAT SCREEN! 😉 What is fun is you can see your max ride output on the screen as well so you can focus on beating yourself, or you can see everyone in class and see your ranking on the leader board, and you can even just view your friends and compete against them.
  5. The instructors are AMAZING! In my other Peloton post I shared my favorite classes but also shared my favorite instructors. They MAKE the workout! It is so much fun and you become virtual friends with all of them! As another Peloton friend stated, “The size of the touchscreen (22” High Definition) makes me feel like I’m right in the NYC studio class and like the instructors are talking to us. And sometimes they are. They can monitor each person’s metrics, and if they see we’re slacking, they’re not afraid to call us out!” LOVE IT! It really does feel like the instructors are looking at you. I’ve only taken a couple live workouts but I will make sure that my 100th ride is live so I can possibly get a shout out! 😉
  6. Convenience. This is HUGE, especially now in our post-COVID world. I don’t have to go anywhere – I can clip in whenever I want and I love that. If I feel an energy burst in the afternoon, if I have only 15-minutes, if I decide to wake up early – anytime I can hop on and get a great workout in. Plus the ease of accessing classes thought the app on my phone is awesome. I often do the yoga and Pilates classes after the kids go to bed and I just watch the video from my phone in my bedroom and get a quick session in before bed. Same with the meditation – I’m often laying in bed before dozing off and listen to a quick mediation to ease into sleep for the night.
  7. Judgement-free zone! I am usually riding in just my yoga pants and a sports bra, grunting, dancing, singing, sweating profusely, and sometimes swearing and it doesn’t bother ANYONE because I am in the comfort of my own home, in my bedroom.
  8. GERM-FREE ZONE…minus my own sweat 😉 I love that no one else is riding my bike and sweating on it…other than my husband (I’ll let that slide). But gym bikes always grossed me out – even before COVID. I was ALWAYS grabbing many sanitizing wipes and wiping it down, plus I had to adjust the seat and the handlebars…now everything is set and stays where I like it.
  9. Therapy. Haha – no joke! Sometimes my rides are just that – very therapeutic! There have been many times where I have cried during and ride and I think, “Where did THAT come from?!” and I just needed that emotional moment handled and the bike does just that. If I’m angry, those rock rides just get. it. handled! 😉
  10. Life-long health investment. In addition to the emotional benefit, obviously the Peloton is going be a health investment, strengthening your heart and lungs, building muscle and core, increasing blood flow, releasing endorphins, all of it.

Well that is it my friends! My top 10 reasons why I love my Peloton! I could write more but stopping myself at 10.

Another fun perk that Peloton offers is their Refer a Friend program – if you decide to purchase a Peloton and use my code, you can get $100 in free accessories (shoes, mat, clothing, etc.)! I did it when I purchased my Peloton and used my friends code and got shoe cages for my hubby for free, plus a free mat (this is a MUST!), and shoe clips (I already had cycle shoes but needed the Peloton clips).

Use my code TY9FE5 for $100 towards accessories at purchase.

Do you ride? Share your handle below and let’s ride together!

See you all here next time! Have a blessed day!

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