August 2020 Goals

I decided last month that it would be a good idea to start setting monthly goals. The first goal I had was to read a book a month, and y’all I did it! I finished A Woman is No Man and boy was it good! It was gripping, sad, interesting, thrilling…I didnt want it to end and kept reading to see how it would end. The ending honestly baffled me for a bit. Then I read online that (don’t worry…not a spoiler) “The point of the ending is not Isra’s literal fate, which the readers know all along, but her inner growth as a character and what her strength and courage will ultimately mean for her daughters in the future. It was an ending of hope.”

If you haven’t read it yet, I highly recommend it! (click image to be directed to Amazon…and it is on sale right now for only $12!)

Now it is my second month to write out my goals.

Before we get to August, let’s recap more of June…

  1. Read one book a month. Like I mentioned, I finished A Woman is No Man, but I am still reading my daily devotionals and listening to an audiobook (when I am in the car solo…which when is that happening?!?).
  2. Not look at my computer on Saturdays. Ok. This one just isn’t happening. I thought Saturdays would be a good day, but because it is the weekend, I am able to have more help around the house because my husband isn’t working…thus I can get some stuff done on the computer. I am not spending a ton of time on it, but still need to check it and write a little bit each day (that was I can manage it better…like laundry…a little every day instead of being complete overwhelmed a couple days a week).
  3. No phone from 5-7pm. Ugh. I didn’t do so great with this either! I didn’t realize how much I use my phone! I need to be better about having a notepad out to write things down when they come to me and doing those things later. I am bad about thinking about things to text or ask someone and if I don’t do it right then, I forget and it will never happen. So I wills tart making a list and make it wait till after 7pm.
  4. Spend one-on-one time with my kids. We did better with this. I took my littlest on a one-on-one walk and played with just him. I’ve been reading to our oldest at bedtime and that is proving some great one-on-one time with him.
  5. Write notes. Y’all! I have failed again!! I did not do this at all! I am good about texting people often and asking how they are and just dropped the ball on writing physical notes. Ugh. Sorry friends and family! I do love you all!!
  6. Yoga at least 3 times a week. Haha…man. Maybe I was just too ambitious with my goals! Instead of yoga, I started walking daily and that has been amazing! I haven’t gotten on my mat though in a while 🙁
  7. Break a sweat 5 days a week. SO this is am doing! Does it count that it is so dang hot when I walk that I sweat?!? In addition to my walk, I have been occasionally doing a new Tone It Up workout and sweating it out that way, too.

Now for August! Hopefully I will be better about accomplishing my goals…and maybe not be too unrealistic 😉 haha!

  1. Read one book a month. I am continuing this goal and already working on a new read!
  2. No phone from 5-7pm. I am going to be explicit with this goal…no social media from 5-7pm. I will still have to be on my phone occasionally when necessary, but I will NOT scroll and look at any social media during that time.
  3. Get fall seeds plated inside. Now is the time to get my fall garden going and I hope to have some seeds planted in the next few weeks so they can start sprouting and be ready to be transplanted in the garden outside by early September.
  4. Be better focused with preschool work. Now that I am homeschooling 1st grade to our oldest son, I notice that I don’t have much structure in place for our 3-year old. I created my own curriculum for him but I need to finalize it and get it printed and then gather the materials for the following week. My goal will to have that done in the next week or two so I can officially start preschool work for him by the second week of August.
  5. Date night 1x/week. I want to be better about putting the kids to be a bit early one night a week and cooking a special meal just for the hubs and I and then watch a movie or play a game…whatever it is I want to make sure that I am better about spending quality one-on-one time with my husband.

That’s it for my August goals!!

Also, the planner I use has this great goal setting page before each month. I LOVE my planner and right now they are having 20% off all accessories (no code required). And I just noticed that they have a homeschool planner!! My 2021 planner just might be that one! 😉

Let me know what your goals are for this month!  I love new ideas!!

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