Target Homeschool Haul!

I haven’t been inside of Target since March (so I think I got carried away!) Haha! I needed to make a return so decided to go and get a few snack items for our boat outing on Saturday…then walked away with a ton of homeschool items as well!

As soon as I walked in, the Dollar Spot was right in front of me so naturally I had to make a run through…y’all! All the teacher stuff is out!! There were so many storage containers, book boxes, posters…all the things! I tried to keep it reigned in but did walk away with quite the loot:

Here’s the run down of what you see and how much it costs (a lot of items were on sale so I went ahead and stocked up on a few things while there):

  • Shower bath tote (grey, also was available in white) – perfect for organizing pencils, markers, art supplies – $5
  • Target markers – $0.65
  • Elmers liquid glue – $0.50
  • Glue sticks – $2.49
  • Watercolor paints – $0.99
  • Washable kids paints – $2.99
  • Pencils – $1.19
  • Pencil sharpener – $0.50
  • Tape – $3.39

This super cute math concepts preschool workbook that I got for our youngest is only a dollar! They also had a few other options for different grades!

I had to get a this cute treasure box for weekly incentives! I filled it with a few of the dollar spot reward items, plus some candy I had at home:

  • Prize box – (I can’t find the price of this but I’m thinking it was only $3)
  • Pencils – $1.00
  • Spinning top markers – $3.00
  • Bag of erasers – $1.00

This former reading teacher just HAD to get this $3 dry-erase poster set! It has all the charts and graphs: plan your story, five w-s chart, sequence chain, characters, timeline, predictions, conclusions, opinions, topic triangle, informative writing chart, outline, cause and effect, graph, and two blank lined-pages. I just love it! And for $3!! Can’t beat it!

  • Construction paper – $4.99
  • Lined spiral notebook – $0.25
  • 8-count blank storybooks – $3.00
  • Dry-Erase board (one side is lined and the other is blank) – $1.00
  • Dry-Erase pockets – $1.00

Everything is now organized and ready for our school days!

Currently we are working in the nook area where I have the chalkboard set up. Eventually I will have a separate space set up for school, where I can hang more things and leave items out for both the boys. But for now, I just grab what I need, set it on the counter, and we work at the kitchen table.

Today starts week 2!

I will head back to Target in a few weeks and see if there are any other awesome items for homeschooling/teaching/back-to-school! I’ll keep you posted!

See you back here on Wednesday! Have a wonderful Monday friends!

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