Who Is Your Daddy and What Does He Do?

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My sweet husband, Stephen, gifted me an Ancestry DNA kit for my birthday a few years ago.

To most, this is just a cool way to learn about your genealogy and connect the dots on the family tree. For me, it is my identity.

Prior to meeting and marrying my mom, my Dad was married a few times and had three children. My mom wanted children of her own, but my dad had a vasectomy by the time he met her…so they enlisted the help from a local hospital and a donor. From what I have gathered, the donor was a med student and worked/had his residency at the hospital where the procedure took place. At that time (early 1980’s), artificial insemination was a very hush-hush procedure.

My mom passed away in 1997 when I was 13 years old. My dad told me shortly thereafter about the procedure and I have to tell ya, at that age, it is a hard concept to process and a lot of identity issues arise. I get into all that later. 😉

Fast forward to when Stephen handed me this DNA kit. I was so excited when he gave me the kit to figure out my genealogy and to see what else I could learn. Little did I know that there would be so many other siblings that were also products of artificial insemination, and we all have the same story! It is so crazy and exciting! And to find out my origins as well…y’all…it has been so much fun!

I mean…88% British! The postal service must have lost my invitation to the Royal Wedding!

Aside from learning my ethnicity, I also got in contact with my new blood-related brothers and sister!

So far (ha – seriously though…there could be so many!), I have three brothers and one sister…all from the same donor! I am keeping their identity private until I have their permission to share (Bryan has given me permission). I have already met Bryan and love him! We first met for breakfast around Christmastime a few years ago and we have met up other times as well. He even came to my son’s birthday parade (thanks Covid!) this year. We text often and continue to learn more about each other and catching up on 35+ years that we missed. He is nine years older than me…which makes me think about how many other siblings there could possibly be!

Bryan and I meeting for the first time – December 2017
Bryan came for Troy’s birthday parade!

My sister lives in another state so we have not met face-to-face but we have been in contact and chat with each other via Instagram. It is so fun to see her pictures and learn more about her and hopefully one day we can get the opportunity to meet in person.

Brother #1 recently did his DNA testing and a couple of weeks ago his wife reached out and we’ve been chatting occasionally via text. He doesn’t live too far from myself and Bryan so we hope to all meet up with him soon!

I have reached out to Brother #3 on Facebook and email through Ancestry but I have yet to hear back from him.

My grandfather and I already have a wonderful relationship, so I know that connection. 😉 He is my mom’s father and they live in the next city. I talk with my grandparents pretty much every other day and we get together often. It is so nice to have them near and to be in our lives.

There is only that one connection I am unsure about. It is a female but I am not sure if she is a sibling or a different connection. Hope to find out soon!

I just know there has to be more siblings out there! I mean, if Bryan and I are nine years apart, there must be more. If the donor only *ONLY* gave one of his swimmers a year for 9 years – that would be 9 siblings! But what are the chances that he only did it once a year? Or even for a longer time span?!

So for now, I will continue to foster and grow the relationships with my brothers and sister and wait for new emails and connection updates from Ancestry. And I will keep y’all updated as well!

I would LOVE to hear from you! Do you have an interesting DNA/genealogy/family history story? I want to hear it! If you’re comfortable sharing, please share below or email me! I’d love to hear from you!

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