Friday Favorites…Podcast Edition!

I LOVE listening to podcasts! I listen when I am driving, working out, and sometimes when I am cooking. I have a few that I listen to but these are just some of my favorite podcasts.

Happy Friday!


Risen Motherhood is by far one of my favorites! The episodes are shorter than other products, which is perfect when you have little ones running around. Emily and Laura give useful, encouraging hope for every mom in every stage of motherhood. They occasionally interview other Christian women who give such wonderful advice that is so uplifting.

You can read more about Emily and Laura and find recent podcasts here.


I love the Wellness Mama and when I heard she had a podcast, I was instantly hooked! As someone who is dealing with health issues, I love listening to Katie Wells and her interviews with other health professionals and practitioners. She discusses topics from autoimmune issues, beauty, natural remedies, recipes, and more!

You can listen here!


The Don’t Mom Alone Podcast with Heather MacFadyen is so refreshing! Her website states it best:

“Moms comment that the podcast is helping change their motherhood, that they are refined instead of broken. One mom wrote, “You helped me feel like I can do better, but all my efforts matter.” Listen along. Instead of drowning, allow us to remind you that you don’t mom alone!”

Some of her recent podcasts include interview with Paul David Tripp, Ian Cron, Troy Simons, Jenny Allen, Beth Moore, and the list goes on!

Go take a listen here.


One of these things is not like the other! Haha!

The Ron Burgundy Podcast is just funny. Light, hilarious, and 30 mins of straight humor. If you loved Anchorman (and who doesn’t!), you’ll love this podcast! Will Ferrell reprises his role as Ron Burgundy in these hilarious podcasts. Thankfully there are bleeps for those inappropriate words that Ron typically uses. So sit back, get your scotch and dumbbells, and laugh away!

Listen to the podcast here.

What are your favorite podcasts? Share below!

Till next time, friends!

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