Why We Don’t Do Santa Anymore

Honesty is something that I try very hard at, especially with my children. I want them to know that they can always trust me and believe what I say is true. A couple years back, though, it slapped me in the face . . . my eldest son, who at the time was just six…

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While homeschooling our oldest son, we read about the very first Thanksgiving. The timing worked out perfectly – about a week ago I found myself reading along to The Good & Beautiful curriculum, teaching my boys all about pilgrims (Puritans) landing on Plymouth. Many died the first winter, mostly from sickness but also from starvation.…

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No More Self-Care

“We cannot give to others unless we fill ourselves up first.” “It is important to take care of yourself first so you can take care of others.” Everydayhealth.com defines self-care as “taking care of yourself so you can stay healthy and accomplish all the things you need and want to.” This buzzword “self-care” has steadily…

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back view of a woman walking on a log in the forest

Attacked but Not Defeated

Sadness. Anger. Frustration. Disappointment. Anguish. Maybe you have experienced some of these emotions today, or yesterday, or a month ago, but all of us experience moments in our lives where we feel sad, angry, frustrated and disappointed. We live in a fallen world and until Jesus Christ returns, we will continue to experience hard moments.…

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Go & Tell Podcast with Lauren Greci: Episode 24 – Season 1 Finale!

Y’all! I cannot believe that Season 1 of the Go & Tell Podcast is in the books!! Twenty amazing women shared their stories with all of us this past season and this episode is a little glimpse back at just some of these women. I also share two big announcements in this episode, so go […]

Go & Tell Podcast with Lauren Greci: Episode 23 with Liz Bornstein

My guest for the Go & Tell Podcast with Lauren Greci: Episode 23 is Liz Bornstein. Liz is the owner of Fridgefull Thinking, a personal chef service in the North Texas area. She helps so many people and families by creating and crafting delicious meals for families, accommodating all sorts of health issues, allergies and restrictions.
Liz shares why she started Fridgefull Thinking, as well as her own battle with health issues, trauma, and her healing journey. Much like myself, Liz is an enneagram two and an empath and we bonded over many similarities! Her story is encouraging, insightful, and I learned so much!

Colorado Diaries – 2021 {Part Four}

It’s the last installment of my Corado Diaries! If you missed it, you can read Part One, Two, and Three of our travels. Today I am sharing our hiking in Frisco, CO + some awesome off-roading adventures! Wednesday, September 29, 2021 Frisco Today was a rainy, cold day so we opted to get a later […]

Colorado Diaries – 2021 {Part Three}

Monday, September 27, 2021 Breckenridge The sunrise was beautiful again today! Clear skies and the sun just peeking over the mountains while I sipped my coffee in silence. Always makes for a great start to the day! Originally, we didn’t want to hike today but the weather is forecasting rain tomorrow and Wednesday, so we […]


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