Here. We. Go!

I’m so excited for this new adventure!! And slightly terrified, to be completely transparent! 😉 I’m recording my very first podcast this weekend!! I can’t believe it. I’ve thought about doing this for a while but the thing holding me back was fear of the unknown. I don’t know what I am doing! I don’t … Read More

What’s Up Wednesday – January 2021

Well – we are officially in February and I am still late to the game on posting my What’s Up Wednesday posts! Haha! Maybe I will just go with the flow and make my What’s Up Wednesday posts the first Wednesday of the month instead of the last since that is what I have been … Read More

Tips From An OCD mom for a Clean House

I remember a couple of years ago fully jumping on the Marie Kondo organizing train and stuck to it for a while. It really helped me to declutter and organize and was a great start for daily organization. Problem is kids are messy! They don’t care if they pull out allllll the toys and then … Read More

February Book Club Pick!

My friend Kari and I started a book club in January so we could encourage each other to read more books this year and boy, was January’s book a good one! Kari and I will host a Facebook Live Sunday, January 31st at 8pm to discuss our January book: American Dirt. Y’all! If you haven’t … Read More

Recipe: Breakfast Casserole

This week I was DETERMINED to be better about making breakfast for myself so Sunday I made a quick breakfast casserole that I have been munching on all week. It only took a few minutes to prep and then baked in the oven. Super easy and customizable! I used spinach, onion, sweet potato, tomato, and … Read More

10 Reasons Why I Love My Peloton

If you didn’t catch my blog post about my favorite Peloton classes, check that out here. I got my Peloton as an early birthday present and gift to myself back in October 2020. Since then I have done over 70 rides, some boot camps, meditations, Pilates classes, yoga sessions, stretches and weightlifting classes. I LOVE … Read More

Let’s Look: At Our Coffee Bar!

It’s the first LET’S LOOK of 2021…and my first LET’S LOOK EVER!! I am excited for this little link-up party! Once a month, Shay and Erika host a little link-up where they “look” at different aspects of their lives and then other bloggers do it, too, and link to to the party! SO here I am! I … Read More

Peppermint Matcha Smoothie

I LOVE peppermint! And combine that with the energy boost and health benefits of matcha – I’m in! This is my go-to winter smoothie recipe for breakfast or lunch. I use 1/2 tsp of peppermint (because I’m addicted!) but adjust yours as needed (start with 1/8 tsp and go up from there to your liking). … Read More

Homeschool Check-In: Week 25

We made it to the second semester!! We are just 10 weeks away from finishing the school year and here are my reflections thus far: Sonlight is a great curriculum to start the homeschool journey and I like that it is clearly labeled and defined as well as a Christian curriculum. Even though I have … Read More

Friday Favorites: Peloton Classes!

Yup – I am one of those people now! A Pelotoner, a peloperson, a pelorider … whatever you want to call it – I AM HERE FOR IT! I ordered my Peloton when they were on “sale” (I say that loosely because it was still an investment) because the new model was coming out and … Read More


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